Strangest Phobias All Over The World

All of us have a fear in life regarding different things. We don’t know even why we are afraid of such things, and this fear is generally called phobia. Here are some of the strangest phobias which you will hardly believe that they are found all over the world.



Some people are there who suffer from Somniphobia, i.e. the fear of sleeping. They are afraid of seeing someone else while sleeping. But such phobia can lead severe effects on mental and physical health.



This is another strange phobia of being washed or cleansed. The patients are afraid of taking bath. Men, women and children are found having this phobia.



This strange phobia makes people tongue-tied and their palms sweaty in presence of a pretty woman. You may flee away to the other direction when a beautiful stranger is coming up.

The Top 10 Happiest Countries

There are some countries which have the most favourable conditions ensuring that the happiness quotient of its citizens is always high. The happiness of such countries depends on various factors such as employment opportunities, income, health, education, environment and life satisfaction. The top 10 countries are-



The scenic country has a life satisfaction score of 7.8 and houses the happiest people in the world. Low taxes, high employment rate, and transparent Government that is economically strong are some of the factors contributing to its happiness quotient. The crime rate is also very low and the country is known for its beauty and cleanliness. People also tend to work fewer hours and spend more time with their families thus raising the standard of happiness.



The country being one of the healthiest, happiest, safest and well educated, has a life satisfaction score of 7.7. Along with abundant natural beauty the country also has low unemployment and crime rate. The health plans are also excellent and citizens have high life expectancy.



Canada boasts of high disposable income, low crime rate, perfect work and life balance thus giving rise to happy and stress-free citizens. The life satisfaction score of the country is 7.6. Educational facilities are also excellent and affordable. The country has an added advantage of abundant natural beauty.



With a life satisfaction score of 7.6 Denmark has high levels of wealth, health, trust, security as well as education. The taxes are high but the Government offers various health and education services as well as additional benefits. The social network of the country is also high and citizens practice good work life balance.

10 List of Most Dangerous Selfies

Selfie mania has taken over everyone including celebrities, top politicians and even the Pope. However taking a selfie can sometimes go too far as seen in the pictures below and thus it is important to be safe than being sorry later.


The bear selfie featuring a bear in the background is dangerous and the Forest Service actually had to plead to visitors not to get too close to the bears.


At a bull race a participant ran in front of the charging bulls attempting to take a selfie. But in turn he endangered his life and that of others.


Yaroslav Seheda, a Russian daredevil took a selfie with his friend atop a building. He free-climbed giving the onlookers a bout of vertigo given the dizzy height.


Another daredevil James Kingston who is a free runner from Britain has clicked pictures and videos atop cranes, buildings and bridges around the world. This selfie taken with a selfie stick is atop a building in Bangalore, India.