Priyanka Chopra’s Diet

This beauty was Born in July, 1982. Well known as PC, Queen of Bollywood took birth in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. She has come a long way from a beauty pageant winner to becoming a well established actress. What else she has achieved that is extraordinary is her Hollywood contracts and international level music albums with songs like ” In my city” and “Exotic”. 


Her showbiz came Into being right after winning Miss World 2000. She started with a Tamil film “Thamizhan” in 2002 but her Bollywood debut dud was  “The Hero: Love Story of a Spy”.

Her acting skills were first time appreciated in 2003 because of “Andazz” as she took home Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. The best part about her career was that she took everything in its own stride and donned several typical roles be it of a hot chick from Dostana, mentally retarded girl from barfi,  villainous from Sath Khoon Maaf or her woman centric roles from Mary com and Fashion

Recently, she had loads to manage and had to keep moving from U.S. to India. With this kind of schedule you need to be fit and agile, so she is. She is extremely fit with an envious figure. The kind of body she has needs dedication. She is adherent about her fitness regime and diet.


Priyanka Chopra Diet Plan And Workout Routine

  • Priyanka Chopra and her physique status.
  • Priyanka Chopra Height: 5’ 6”
  • Priyanka Chopra Weight: 117 lbs

Priyanka Chopra Diet Planious nor  extravagant like one would expect that for celebs. She simply makes sure that it’s balanced and high on nutrients and low on fats and her diet demands meals every two hours. This habit is actually worth it as its the key of maintaining the correct  metabolism rate and keeps one well charged


Her breakfast consists of 2 egg whites alongwith oatmeal and a big glass of  milk (skimmed). It has been seen that Priyanka Chopra’s Diet Routines is quiet similar to Deepika Padukones Secret Diet Plan

Mid Snacks

Since she follows the healthy habit of having food every two hours, she makes sure that she takes a glass of  coconut water along with nuts. There is no combination as powerful as this.


She never compromises her lunch and takes a healthy meal that consists of dal, vegetables plus two chapattis and salad.

Evening Snack

Apart from coconut water to survive her hectic schedule she prefers a sandwich made up of turkey.


She keeps her dinner light and classy with brewing soup alongwith either chicken or fish (grilled).

Cheat Days

A diet like this deserves cheat days, she adds them too and gorges on barbecued delicaies. Baked food like cakes and chocolates.

So you can clearly see, to get a figure like that of her of course needs dedication and asks you to control your tongue too. Prefer as much as green vegetables and fruits as you can, they detoxify your body and keep the weight under the radar and supply the essential nutrients at one go.