Priyanka Chopra Possible Surgeries

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra who hails from a small town Jharkhand came to make a big mark. A Cancerian by birth and attitude. Her modelling career got a meaning when she won Miss World’s title in the year 2000 and then she jumped from grabbing bollywood lead roles to Hollywood series and international singles with great pomp and show. Her films are known for the versatility she displays be it Drona (2008), Kaminey (2009), Don (1 & 2), Barfi, Sath khoon maaf, Fashion, bajirao mastani,Mary Kom (2014), etc.

Chopra has received several awards including 5 filmfare awards, a National Film Award for Best Actress, Best Female Debut, Critics Award, and many more. She was named “Favourite Actress In A New TV Series” by People’sChoice Awards, becoming first Asian actress to win that Award. Later she was awarded fourth highest civilian award Panda Shri by Government of India.


She has got the best of the features and looks stunning almost in all ensembles. But once you enter the showbiz, the urge to look perfect only rises and surgeries come to your rescue. Most of the celebs look for precise surgeries that won’t come under the scanner. Most of the asians actors avoid surgeries given the fact that they are expensive abroad and bizzare here in Asia. Priyanka’s surgeries are much talked about because they have changed her appearance altogether for good and bad reasons.

Possible Surgeries

The judgement becomes easy when you compare her before and after images. The former shows younger PC and later displays bold Priyanka with smart features. 


She might have a nose job, she has always been a point of discussion because of her nose that looks quite different than it naturally did. Her nose was not very large earlier but it was surely not in shape. Now, her nose is in  better shape and bright look. The change is not very subtle and looks like as if some cheap tampering was done at the edges.

Boob Job

Priyanka Chopra Possible Surgeries

She is also rumoured to have a beast job as her breast now looks better, fuller and bigger breasts. However her boob job looks good as per Asian standards. The fascination she creates among her male fan following is said to be more than just natural now.

She has always pulled roles with much ease and is hard working at her professional,  no sort of artificial augmentations could achieve what her dedication did singlehandedly. She is an inspiration for women and such tiny artificial procedures are need of the hour, they should be kept aside while judging an actor. When it comes to Boob job you must take a look at Taylor Swift Before And After Pictures

 Lip Job

This always tops the list of her cosmetic surgeries, her lips look big and really fuller. She has always denied the speculations and said  they are “her real lips without any augmentation and enhancements  and she is proud of them”. For a better understanding about lip job take a look at Kylie Jenner Before and After Pictures