10 List of Most Dangerous Selfies

Selfie mania has taken over everyone including celebrities, top politicians and even the Pope. However taking a selfie can sometimes go too far as seen in the pictures below and thus it is important to be safe than being sorry later.


The bear selfie featuring a bear in the background is dangerous and the Forest Service actually had to plead to visitors not to get too close to the bears.


At a bull race a participant ran in front of the charging bulls attempting to take a selfie. But in turn he endangered his life and that of others.


Yaroslav Seheda, a Russian daredevil took a selfie with his friend atop a building. He free-climbed giving the onlookers a bout of vertigo given the dizzy height.


Another daredevil James Kingston who is a free runner from Britain has clicked pictures and videos atop cranes, buildings and bridges around the world. This selfie taken with a selfie stick is atop a building in Bangalore, India.

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